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Articles of association

Article 1)
A joint stock company is hereby established under the name of "Safilo Group SpA".

Article 2)
The company's registered office is in Padua. Under the terms of law the company may:

  1. establish and close down secondary offices, branches and agencies both in Italy and abroad
  2. move the operating headquarters elsewhere and change the address of the registered office

Article 3)
The duration of the company is established up to 31 (thirty first) December 2100 (two thousand and one hundred) and can be amended by resolution at the extraordinary shareholders' meeting.

Article 4)
The company's main purpose is:

  1. The direct and indirect management, through shareholdings in companies and entities, of activities in Italy and abroad for the creation, realisation, production and marketing of prescription frames and sunglasses, sports eyewear, lenses, machinery and equipment for the eyewear trade and any other accessories for optical use, equipment and items for sport and leisure;
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