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You can select your preferred periods from the drop-down menu. All data can be downloaded in Excel format. The Safilo Group fiscal year ends in December.

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow
(Millions of euros)
A - Opening net cash and cash equivalents (net financial indebtness - short term)20.899.0
B - Cash flow from (for) operating activities
- Net profit (loss) for the period (including minority interests)(32.4)(251.6)
- Depreciation and amortization47.642.1
- Impairment loss on goodwill-192.0
- Other non-monetary P&L items(6.6)(2.3)
- Interest expenses, net11.37.5
- Income tax expenses9.229.4
Flow from operating activities prior to movements in working capital29.117.1
- (Increase) decrease in trade receivables2.243.7
- (Increase) decrease in inventory, net24.1(1.3)
- Increase (decrease) in trade payables(43.2)(36.9)
- (Increase) decrease in other receivables38.9(9.3)
- Increase (decrease) in other payables(47.0)(32.2)
- Interest expenses paid(6.1)(2.1)
- Income tax paid4.7(10.1)
Total B2.7(31.1)
C - Cash flow from (for) investing activities
 - Investments in property, plant and equipment(22.8)(26.8)
 - Net disposals of property, plant and equipment2.31.2
 - Acquisition of minorities (in subsidiaries) - -
 - (Acquisition) Disposal of investments and bonds - -
 - Purchase of intangible assets, net of disposals(7.9)(13.4)
Total C(28.3)(39.0)
D - Cash flow from (for) financing activities
 - Proceeds from borrowings60.0-
- Repayment of borrowings(10.0)-
 - Share capital increase128.6-
 - Dividends paid- -
Total D178.6-
E - Cash Flow for the period (B+C+D)152.9(70.1)
F - Translation exchange difference1.2(8.1)
G - CLOSING NET CASH AND CASH EQUIVALENTS (net financial indebtness - short term) (A+E+F)175.020.8

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