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Shareholders' meeting

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Shareholders' meeting

The shareholders' meeting, for those who hold an equity stake in the company, is the body to which the law assigns the exclusive capacity to resolve certain matters, including the appointment of the board of directors, the company's "executive" body, and the board of statutory auditors. Other matters that the shareholders' meeting is responsible for are for example, the approval of the financial statements and the resolution for the distribution of dividends. The working of the shareholders' meeting is regulated not only by law, but also by the shareholder meeting regulations, approved by the same shareholders' meeting of 14th September 2005 and subsequently integrated and amended by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 29, 2010.

frecciaShareholders' meeting regulations|31 kb

Documents related to the shareholders meeting - 14 May 2007
Notice of call and agenda
Second Call
Explanatory report

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